Celinna Mawar is a Classically-trained pianist and piano teacher from Indonesia. Drawing from her experience of teaching more than a hundred students over the years and hundred of hours of research, she has cultivated a curriculum based on the Eastern European school of piano playing for children with a modern approach, focusing on the integrated development of beautiful technique and sound. Music and piano teaching is a vocation and a heartfelt passion.



Celinna grew up in Pekanbaru and moved to Singapore for her education. She continued her high school education in St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls in Perth, studying piano with Gaby Gunders, where she was awarded Eugenie Egan Piano Prize, won the school piano festival and performed Gershwin ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ with the school symphony orchestra. 

Celinna holds Bachelor of Music in piano performance from Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, learning under Russian pianist Olga Kharitonova. After graduation, she continued her piano studies with Sutini Goh and Liu Jia from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore.



Celinna holds a certificate in piano pedagogy, mentored by Irina Gorin, Kodály Piano Pedagogy with Gilbert de Greeve, as well as piano pedagogy trainings with Irina Mints and Róża Yoder. These experiences offered valuable insight into how master teachers achieve their spectacular results with their students.

Celinna continuously strive to improve her teaching methodology by regularly attending piano pedagogy workshops and seminars, as well as observing numerous masterclasses conducted by master teachers and pianists. She has a deep passion for researching, studying and gathering the best teaching materials and piano literature for children from all around the world.



As a pianist, she has performed at The Arts House, Sentosa Convention Centre, Steinway Gallery, Melba Hall, The Art Gallery of Ballarat, Seil Art Hall and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory. As an accompanist, she regularly does accompaniment for students in their music exams from Grade 1 to Diploma. 

She also joined a few competitions and festivals, where she won Gold prize at the 2nd Asia Arts Festival, 3rd Prize in Batam International Piano Competition, as well as 2nd and 4th prizes at Korea-Asia Open Piano Competition for her interpretation of Chopin and Mozart. 

Her love for Debussy and Ravel led her to participate in Piano Summer Festival in France where she worked exclusively on French music with pianist Pascal Rogé. To increase her understanding of Bach, she has also taken Baroque dance classes with dancer Catherine Turocy.



Celinna is committed to continue developing herself personally and artistically as a pianist and teacher. Her mission is to cultivate a life-long love for learning, playing and sharing music in her students, while developing their musical sensitivity, taste, discernment and independence