In , there are certainly many options and many great teachers. This program is not for every parent or family. This program is for families who want to take their child’s music education seriously and play an active role in their musical journey. This program is also for families who will devote time each day for home practice/listening and follow the instructions given at the lesson. 

I typically accept students as young as 3.5 years old. However, every child has different level of development, independence, learning skills and natural facilities. Student readiness will be decided after the trial evaluation.

Ideally, beginner students should have already undergone a foundational introductory music class and exposure to a variety of different instruments before starting individual piano lessons. 

Celinna uses holistic approach that focuses on spiritual development, body awareness, as well as the training of memory, concentration and attention. Rather than simply piano lessons and just learning how to read notes and play pieces, lessons are focused on developing the whole musician.

Every child is born with different music aptitude and potential to achieve in music. However, with rich musical environment, this potential can be nurtured and developed. The sooner they start, the better.

Having said that, parents should avoid the implication that it’s not worth the effort unless the child is particularly gifted, and that it’s better to give up the training otherwise.

Parents and teacher should help the child to develop to whatever degree possible, toward becoming an accomplished and beautiful-hearted person, and to head toward a path of happiness.

I believe that ABRSM examinations are just one mode of assessment and while good results give the individual a sense of achievement and validation, certificates should never be the primary goal of learning the piano. I advocate that students have a strong connection to music and develop a relationship to the piano by playing a lot of repertoire. I will decide the pace a student should learn and let the parents know when they are ready.

Tuition fees and scheduling will be discussed upon confirmation of enrolment.